10 Amazing Websites on Internet

Amazing Websites

Today we are going to checkout some amazing websites. Although there are millions of websites on the internet which are stuffed with so much of different tricks, content and loaded with awesome web design and other stuffs, but here I have come up with 10 websites. There may be many more to be searched and surfed but for now, few but good ones.


You can type like a hacker on this website. As you open up this website and it gives you a big black screen, on which you can only type. It’s a big command line prompt, in which when we type from keyboard randomly, it’ll convert those key strokes in some spoofing hacking codes. Each time you click some random keys, spoof code generates. It really starts giving you feeling or instinct of some hacking scene or sci-fi Movie scene. And when you hit the Alt button it give you the ultimate hacking message. “Access Granted!!!!”
May be most of us know about this website already, but still I’ll mentioning it. You’ll find a better interface of YouTube here which is cleaner and less distracting. One of the best part is that this website can be managed only by keyboard. This is because it’s a TV compatible version of YouTube. If you came to know about this website for first time, do visit it once. You’ll like it. It’s a cool website.

3. TheNewBoston.com

Though it’s a channel on YouTube, but the kinds of stuff it gives to its user is amazing and non-comparative, so I’ll categorize it in a website. You’ll get thousands of tutorials, articles and courses on it. Thousands of Technical stuff, all are for free for spreading knowledge. It’s owned by Bucky Roberts, he make video tutorials on computer programming, game development, web design, and lot of computer related topics. If you haven’t checked it, you’ll love it. One of the best websites for learning.

4. Archive.org

It’s an archive of Internet and trying to store everything that’s on it. The main motto behind it is to provide knowledge to researches, historians and scholars as and when required at a single platform. I wish to call it “Time Machine of Internet”, as with the help of its Way back machine you can check history of any website on specific date. It’s a kind of library of Internet sites and stores other cultural artifact in digital form. One of the best websites and one of its kind. Though it’s banned in some countries.

5. Kickassapp.com

You can destroy any website with help of this website. No no no, don’t get serious, it’s just a prank. Just for fun, if you have some free time and want to have some fun, then go and check it out. What you have to do is to open this website and bookmark it on your browser. Now whenever you have free time, you open any website, and click on bookmark. You can destroy this website with arrow keys and space button. It’s like a fighter ship that shoots through space button and controlled by arrow buttons. It’s just for fun but one of the creative websites.

6. Evoji Dowloader

This site helps you to download any android app setup on your computer. All you have to do is to copy the package name or Google play app URL link, in it and click on ‘Generate download link’ button. Now it comes up with a new Green download button and your app setup will start downloading.

7. Cybermap.Kaspersky

This websites shows cyber-attack maps going on in present time all over the world. Though there are other websites that also show cyber-attacks but I considered this website because of it has most comprehensive map available and great graphical interface. It looks very amazing. Although there are debates whether these maps are useful or not but still it’s very fascinating to watch these stuffs. If you haven’t visited it yet, go and take a look. One of very creative websites.


8. 10Minutesmail

This website serves us a disposable Email service to avoid spam emails. It provides you a temporary email address for next 10 minutes after you enter this website. It’s a good option available if you don’t wish to share your real email ID due to some reason or fear of spam. It also provides a temporary inbox where you can receive email from anyone, within 10 minutes countdown. And if you want to use the service again then just reload the page.

9. LiveATC

This website provides you a live Air Traffic Control information, as it abbreviates. It displays broadcasts from all air traffic control towers and radar facilities from all around the world. It also shows departures and arrival of flights all around the world. If you are interested in such websites, then this one is for you.

10. GTMetrix

This website helps you to check any website’s performance. After analyzing it will show if your website is slow and to speed it up. If you’re into web development then this site will help you a lot. Or as an enthusiast, you can check few websites that you use in your daily routine. This site is surely a useful one.
So, this one was our pick for 10 Amazing websites on Internet, some of cool websites and also some of creative websites. Let us know about your favorite one in the comment box, so that we can also go and check it out. If you like our writings please feel free to give your views in comment box. It boosts our moral a lot.

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