10 Characters of Real Man.

Machismo or Masculinity is an attribute that not counted only over your looks or dressing style. There a lots of behavioral things that categorizes a main in that specific stream. Here I have collected 10 signature of Real Man. There are lot more than these I couldn’t get all of them at once. Because there’s still a lot to learn. Hope you agree with the following. Please comment so that I can feel that I’m really reaching to all of you. 

  • Speak Loud (not yell) and Clear, whenever you wish to say anything. Your firm and confident voice tone grabs everyone’s attention and bound them to listen to you carefully.

  • Respect everyone irrespective of gender, color, caste and profession. The more you give, the more you get. Never ever laugh at someone’s pitiful condition, real men never do so. If anyone does stop them also. Always be the first one to give first hand for help.

  • Lean to say no, if you don’t want to say yes. Any kind of pressure should not let you to move your stand. Even if you say yes due to external pressure, you won’t be able to give 100% to it.

  • Most important always stay clean and smell good. You’ll be always welcomed if you look hygienic. Always dress according to location. You’re best and unique in your own way. So don’t try to ape or copy too much. Go along with fashion and trends but don’t overdo it. Understand the difference being a boy and a man.  

  • Don’t laugh unnecessarily, but always wear a smile. Goggling around doesn’t match you at all. Laugh out at real occasions, and try to make everyone laugh and smile with your humor. Your jokes shouldn’t hurt someone’s sentiments.

  • Never ever stare at any women, 1 admiring look is enough. Women respect those who respect them. Ogling them makes you a pervert character in her mind. Your 1 look is enough, if she finds you interesting she’ll signal you by approaching you or by other mean.

  • You’ll lose you respect, if you get into gossiping and backbiting you friends and colleagues. You’ll be considered unworthy and no trustful even by the person whom you are gossiping with. 

  • Try to avoid Drugs and Hard Drinks of any kind. These are fake support that are used by weak ones. You’re strong enough to support yourself as well as others. If you’re  into it, it’s never too late. For sake of your beloved thing in the world. If can’t resist use them occasionally. But try to avoid drugs at any cost. 

  • Avoid using abusing language and F*** word and don’t let it become your habit. Save these for appropriate situations. Don’t get into fights by slight provoking, here try to test your avoidance limit. If left with no option, then teach a good lesson.

  • Last but not the least, Real men hit the gym and meditate daily, wake up early, prepare plans at night for the next day, practice in front of the mirror, maintain high confidence, let your charm talk to the world.

Please add more points in comments that I might not know or forgot to mention. Kindly share your views and revert back, it’s always nice to hear from you and motivates me to add more in this blog.  

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