How to Detox Your Body Naturally- A Simple Morning Routine.

Every new day brings us a new gift of life. A fresh day starts with opening new opportunities, new paths, new way to make yourself better or a chance to mend our previous mistakes. Before going to bed, most of us already have as schedule for the next day. The list of work or things we promise our self to complete by the end of the day. Accomplishing our scheduled day as per our plan boosts our self-confidence as well as level of our happiness and satisfaction.

But it may happen with few of us that we are not able to make our way as we scheduled it. There are many factor that cause a bad day. But here I’m trying to talk about having a bad day due to less energy, lethargic body, no willingness or no concentration at work. When our body is not willing to give its 100% towards the assigned work. Having no energy or concentration in work can be caused by many factors like lack of sleep and rest etc. Accumulation of toxins inside your body can cause above mentioned symptoms and can adversely affect our body with more severe effects and disease. So here’s a simple morning routine to detox your body.

What are toxins and how they effect our body?

Toxins as the name suggest are toxic matter that can adversely affect health of our body. Their accumulation can cause decrease in metabolic rate which can cause less energy, less activeness, and alertness and concentration power in our body. Along all these issues, long time effects are more serious like decaying and damaging of our vital organs.

Now the question arises how do they come inside our body? Majorly toxins are the waste products or by products of different metabolic activities of our body. In fact there’s always a toxic elimination system within our body. Some organs like kidney, liver etc. are dedicated for removing toxic waste from our body. These toxins are thrown away out of our body by different medium e.g. sweat, urine, breath etc. But due to careless lifestyle and unhealthy food or habits can cause access accumulation of body toxins or block the process of toxin elimination out of our body. Unhealthy food, drinks and air are other medium of entry of toxins which can cause more severe damage to our body. Toxins can also reduce the function and performance of vital organs of our body and also weakens our immune system, making our body more prone to diseases and infection.

How to Detox?

Due to high level accumulation of body toxin in our body because of our stressful lifestyle and unhealthy food and habits. We should help our body to detox more by adding some healthy routine.

Here’s a morning routine that could help you to detox your body and become healthier, active, and alert than you presently are.

  1. Getup early in the morning. This is the first step towards healthy life. Getting up early give you some extra time to do some healthy things or routines. Also an early starts helps you to keep your daily schedule intact and keeps you ahead. If you wake up with a limited time, a delay of 10-15 minutes might ruin your whole day plan. Getting up early give you ampule time to manage or overcome such delays and complete your morning routine of detox.
  2. Drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water. Drinking Luke warm lemon water has several benefits. Lukewarm water cleanse out our gut and stomach from all left over food and digestive juices traces left behind. It prepares our stomach for a fresh start. Understand it like this- You are washing your dish to take a fresh meal in it. Nobody will eat in a dish with leftovers and traces of previous meal. Drinking Luke warm water aids in healing ailments like indigestion and constipation. On the other hand Lemon has high concentration of Vitamin C. It helps in increasing immunity and also aids in good digestive system. Vitamin C in lemon water rejuvenates you skin by expelling out toxins and dead cells getting it more glowing. It also promotes hydration which is again a natural process of detoxification.
  3. Dry Brushing. This is a lesser known fact and very few people know about it. Dry brushing you body can help to remove dead skin and particles that stick to the skin and demotes growth of new cells. All you have to do is to take a brush and starts brushing your body upwards (from legs to head or from hand to limbs) gently. We can use dry towel instead of dry brush, if not available. Thought this method doesn’t seem very effective but it is very practical method and doing it on regular basis will help you. Removing dirt particles and dead skin allows your skin to breathe in better way and grow healthy.
  4. Tongue Cleaning. It is most effective way of maintaining oral hygiene after brushing. Most people ignore this practice and allow harmful bacteria to cultivate and later ingest them with food. Like teeth, tongue is always in contact with food and water, making it a optimal place for microbial growth. So cleaning our tongue regularly will help in keeping our mouth clean and letting in less toxins with food and drinks.
  5. It is considered as most effective way of boosting detox mechanism of our body. A good amount of physical workout can double up the detoxification process through sweat, heavy breathing, high blood flow and micturition. It is not advised to do heavy effort exercises, but required to choose physical activity according to body condition. So in this way the exercise may range from brisk walking to high core strength exercises. Always choose appropriate exercise according to our physical condition and body strength. But do exercise regularly.
  6. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. As we all must be aware of the fact that breakfast is the most important meal among all meals. So having a healthy breakfast is the one of the must do thing in your daily planner.

Your breakfast must include different healthy food variety like fruits, fresh juice, fiber rich food, oats, and muesli etc. Having a great breakfast helps you to keep energized, alert and active for rest of the day. Fresh juices and fruits have many anti-oxidants that also have detoxing effect on our body.

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So this was a small but effective morning routine that could help you to make yourself healthier and find yourself performing better in life. Try and adhere to this morning routine and within 2-3 weeks you’ll start finding a large difference in energy level, concentration power and also fell your body light and free.

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