How to Keep Yourself Motivated and Happy: Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

Happiness and Being Motivated

Happiness is not something that requires any external factors or objects. Happiness is what you create or design. Everyone has his own design of happiness. You can borrow or copy other person’s design of happiness but the most satisfying will be your own design. Happiness is the key to a beautiful life. It keeps us youthful, lively, expecting and looking forward. And the key to happiness is yearning to get more out of our life. Trying to juice out more, keep yourself up, and keep motivated.

We all want to be happy all the time. Let me rephrase it again. We should be happy all the time, but not every time situations let us to be. Though life is full of ups and downs, whites and greys but still we should always keen on keeping our spirit up and looking forward to the future. Let me share a very essential ingredient for happiness and that is you. Never depend on others for happiness. Depending on others for happiness sometimes screw your happiness. You, yourself are the reason for your happiness. Consider it and rediscover it and then you’ll start believing it as I did. So keep your chin up and help yourself.

1.      Love Yourself.

Accept yourself and start to like things about yourself. It’s really very good to analyze yourself and mark your bad habits to remove them. But also it is very important to count your virtues and praise yourself for them. Treat yourself like any other person, if you find anything bad about yourself, try to teach yourself about disadvantages and bad effects about it and if you have done or achieved anything good then treat yourself better or praise yourself. You can even gift yourself chocolate or sweets, whatever you like but surely you must.

One thing that we had heard said and read several times but always forget it. “Always carry a smile on your face”. The moment you start smiling, your mind starts tuning into a good mood. I tell you and even you can experience yourself that the facial expression has effects on your emotions. Smiling not only uplifts your mood but also its radiance reflects on people near you also. So start smiling and you’ll be happy. One thing that can keep your mood high is that m try to keep your surrounding bright and beautiful. A dull colour or empty background or messed up surrounding can give you negative vibrations, which can dim your energy level or happiness and motivation. Try to keep your surrounding bright and vibrant by adding colourful flowers, beautiful painting and arts to keep your spirit high.

Loving and caring yourself and treating yourself as a special and important person keeps your spirit high and helps you to fight with negative voices that pulls you back and demotivates you. Your positive attitude will past all negative things and let you be affirmative about being positive.


2.      Know And Understand Yourself.

As you start to love and accepting yourself, you’ll become more conscious about yourself. This will help you to know and understand your own thoughts, views, and mindset. It’ll allow you to know your switches. Switches mean the people or objects that make your mood up or down. This will help you to identify and avoid people, places and objects that make your mood turn off or on. This will help you to avoid people having negative impact on your mood and also objects that elevates your mood.

Understanding yourself has several benefits. It’ll also give you a chance to know about things or habits you’ll love to appreciate about yourself and your achievement that made you proud. These will have a powerful effect on you to stay motivated and confident. This boost of self-confidence and motivation will lead you to on level up. Even it’ll reflect around you. You’ll not only feel confident but also you’ll start grooming confidently. Keep yourself well dressed and well-groomed, maintain eye contact, speak slowly and keep smiling. Having a positive self-image will help you to reflect more positivity and happiness. In this way, you’ll start finding positive aspects in every situation. No matter how bad you’re stuck in, you’ll find the way out.

In this way knowing and understand yourself makes you more confident and motivated, keeping your spirit high.


3.      Healthy Body and Calm Mind.

A sound mind resides in a healthy body. If you have both things inside you, then nothing can break you. You’re ready to face any kind of situation. A calm mind helps you to be motivated and manage any situation more effectively and take decisions wisely. And a healthy body helps you sustaining in any physical exertion or extreme condition. Always remember- eat well, sleep well and exercise well.

Adding some practice of inner calming and balancing techniques like yoga, meditation or martial arts can have outstanding results on your mind and soul. Now it’s known very well that yoga not only helps you to maintain a flexible and healthy body but also improves your mood, increases happiness and decreases stress. Some yoga asanas include breathing activities called pranayama. Practising pranayama improves your patience and gives you a sense of inner balance. In the same way meditation or practising martial arts helps you to achieve to be more focus, concentrated and mentally strong. You can even add some de-stressing routine or activities in your daily schedule to relax your body and mind. Activities like listening to soothing music, playing video games, taking a warm shower or chamomile tea before going to sleep or getting a spa done are various methods you can try to relax.

Avoid bad habits like drinking and smoking at all. But if not possible then at least limit them occasionally, although there is nothing greater than you will power. Actually alcohol is a depressant and consuming alcohol at low points will make you more depressed and you won’t be even trying. Maybe you’ll quit without fighting. And it’s a well-known fact that dependence on a substance is detrimental to your mental as well as physical health.


4.      Be Prepared and Fight Back.

Always be mentally strong and face any situation with bravery. If you start having unavoidable instant anxious thoughts ringing your mind and blocking it to think wisely and smartly. Then try to avoid thoughts by distracting yourself with activities like deep breathing, reverse counting or forcing some good memories into your mind. This will allow you to open all the windows of your mind and let the fresh air fill in. It’s very important to prepare yourself for a bad situation. Don’t panic or try to run away from it. Now if you know, you’re stuck in some bad situation and it’s not evitable, then prepare your mind for the fight. Try to remove all fear and try to calm your mind and focus on practical solutions to overcome this problem. Panicking will only worsen the problem and weaken you more than you really are. To keep your spirit up try to set up new goals or set new achievements for yourself. This will help you to train your mind to accept the challenges readily. Try to add new activities for yourself like joining a dance class or join an art class or any kind of physical challenge. At starting you’ll find these difficult or sometimes awkward but after completion, it will give you a sense of greatness.

Always keep in mind “Never accept failure without putting up a fight”. Fighting will give you sense that you did all that you could have but you couldn’t make it. It will be far more satisfying than leaving the ground without battling. It’ll also help you to leave it while keeping motivated and move on in your life.


5.      Attract Happiness And Positivity From Surroundings.

You must have heard that Law of Attraction principle. If you want to stay motivated and happy, then you’ll start attracting positive things from the universe. You should always try to company people having positive thoughts and energy as you’ll also start accumulating same energy type in yourself. Your company matters a lot to you as it reshapes your thought process and actions. Living around people full of life and energy will make you feel good about yourself too. Getting motivated by watching other people is a good idea too. You can find plenty of stories of real-life heroes on the internet, whose stories will inspire and guide you to be stronger than your limit in adverse conditions. Watch motivational videos and inspirational stories about how people fell in bad times and then didn’t allowed circumstances to control them and overcome.

Another wonderful way of exchanging positive energy is by appreciating others whenever you get a chance to. An honest appreciation not only helps you to build good public relation but also allows to exchange positive vibration between. No matter how small a thing is, if it appeals to you then do mention it. As much as my experience says about appreciation- the more you do, the more you get. Stay motivated a keep others too.

Never miss a chance to meet people you love like your family and close friends. Spending quality time with friends and family will not only de-stress you but also give you a lot of happiness and boost of motivation. If you can’t reach them, then do call them. That can help too.

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