Importance of Journal Writing and How to Start a Journal

Here we would be discussing about writing Journal and what is importance of Journal and how a Journal writing benefits us. Here we would try to find all the possible question that one can have in his mind about it. For further queries please comment in below so that we can discuss it further. Your expression enthusiast us to write more and understand you much better.

What is Journal Writing?

Our mind is continuously bombarded with numerous expressions and emotions every second. Thoughts, dreams, secrets, wishes, ideas, hopes, ambitions, ups and downs, failure, happiness, love, loss and many more. It’s like a chain reaction going on in your mind. One thought or emotion gives way out to another and this another again gives way to another. Whatever we are doing or watching, these thoughts and emotions keep on coming and going. The way of catching most of the feelings and thought and writing down on a media and while analyzing them how they are effecting our thought process and life is called journal writing.

The definition of journal is a type of diary that you keep to record or track your daily events or of your thoughts. Here you write daily about what happened to you today and what you think about it. Or we can say that Journal writing is a processing of writing down the feeling that you had all over you mind all day or presently and what thought and experiences you had today. Did you learnt anything new somewhere, do you regret of anything you done today. It even allows you to brain storm ideas, think or analyze any specific experience or event and conclude out the data for future use.


Why do I need to write Journal?

I think journal writing has several benefits but self-assessment is the best thing that we get from it. Here we’ll try to list the major benefits that we can have by cultivating habit of Journal writing.

Firstly it gives you a chance to leave something for you children and grandchildren that can tell your story or to memory you and understand things or life by your perspective. It can also help them to understand your decision and stands in your life, which can educate them as experience that how to manage a situation.

Regularly writing down your thoughts and ideas can provide you with some mental and emotional benefits. Whenever you pen down your feeling, emotions, expressions or thoughts, you’re are actually letting down that specific feeling out of our mind to the external environment. Whether it a positive or negative feeling, you are pouring it on your journal. If it’s a positive one then it’s going to give you a feel good emotion. And if it’s a bad or negative emotion, letting it move help you to release stress and pain. In any of the cases you’ll feel better than before. On the other hand writing on regular basis lets you to re-live your day or event which can help you to understand your virtues and mistakes in a better way. It’ll help you to understand the situation and sort out the best decision, you can make without any stress or fear.


What are the Benefits of Journal Writing?


  • Journal writing can also improve your mental Clarity and Focus. Clearing your thoughts can move your life to a productive path. Now you would be able to determine what you mind heeds for or what is your goal or what you seek for. Understanding your goal can also help you to find your motivation. Journal writing can also help you to know and identify yourself and differentiate between your necessity, comfort and luxury. It can also aide in reducing stress as discussed earlier and solve your problems more effectively.


  • Helps to fight Diseases and Stress. Though there’s no established connection between mental-emotional balance and journal writing but still therapists, Counselors, Psychiatrists often encourage their subjects to write down emotions, and thoughts that pass along them. Journal writing has helped a lot of patients who are struggling with severe diseases like cancer, tumors. As we write down thoughts, it makes us feel good and also release stress and negative thoughts. Ultimately can improve body’s state for fighting and recovering from ailment.


  • Journal Writing can sharpens or boost your creativity. When you keep writing down your thoughts and emotions on regular basis then gradually you’re able to process and communicate complex ideas or thoughts more easily and in much effective manner. Your communication grows stronger and effective. Also you’re able to memorize information in a better manner and you would be able to recall the events accurately and even sometimes miniature details can be recalled. This is because when you write down something it going be strongly imprint on your mind.


  • It also makes you capable to brain storm new ideas in efficient way. With practice of writing down your thoughts you’re able to see opportunities that aren’t visible at first glance but can be seen after a deep deliberation with yourself. Also you are able to conclude your complex experiences and break down it into useful data, relevant information and are able to judge a situation unbiased.


We can say that writing journal can help you building a better habits as it forces you to be aware of your actions and behavior. A man with good habits is a man with good character.


What are you supposed to write in Journal? Or Types of Journal Writing?

A journal can be used to write anything that you feel to write down. There are several Categories according to the type of thoughts you can mention in Journal.

  1. Bible Journal: Helps you to cope with everyday situations. Understand your heart feeling and thoughts and connect them with Bible lessons and teachings. It lets you grow spiritually.
  2. Gratitude Journal: Lets you to be thankful for all good things happened to you in a day and whom you should be thankful for.
  3. Dream Journal: Keep a record of dreams on regular basis while trying to keep a record of type of dreams or specific pattern you dream about. It sometimes help you to understand what your subconscious mind wants to tell you.
  4. Prayer Journal: This journal have prayers written down. This can help in strengthening relation between you and God. This can also build up your faith by reflecting on prayers that has been answered and other which are yet to be answered.
  5. Pregnancy Journal: Help you to record your memorable pregnancy journey. It can also help you in holding information and data about your health, weight and progress while you’re expecting.
  6. Travel Journal: This journal holds records of the events happened during your vacation, road trip, tours, adventures or any place you visited, mostly kept by travel enthusiast. It can help you to remember more about your travel and discover more out of it.
  7. 5 Year Journal: A five year journal can help you to remember places people and event that you pass through and value to you within a 5 years span.
  8. Food Journal: Helps you to track of your daily diet and meals, monitoring what have been eaten, when and how much. Thus helping to have a proper and balanced diet.


Why should you keep a work Journal?

Writing has some practical benefits also. Keeping a work diary can serve as track record of mistakes and success. Writing down your work procedures can also help you to come out of any specific situation where you had stuck earlier in same way. Also the data records can help you to scale your pace of progress.


How to start a Journal Writing?

To start writing a journal, first thing you must have is that you yourself want to write a journal. If you’re told to write by your friend or your counselor then it won’t help much. Your willingness to pour your heart is essential factor to start a journal. Think, read and talk about the benefits you can have by writing a journal. There are few books that are dedicated to journal writing and explain very effective about the benefits of Journal writing.

Don’t stress on how to write a journal or would I be able to write a good journal. These doesn’t matter at all. Don’t think about what I will write in journal, just start writing what comes in your mind. Pour down your heart into your journal. This writing is only for you and belongs to you. So don’t bother about how I am writing or is this look good or not. Just listen to you heart and mind and honestly write down what they are telling you.

Here a list of Instruction you need to follow that’ll help you in journal writing.

  1. Keep a schedule: If you wish to write journal regularly then you have to convert it into a habit. For the same a proper scheduling in necessary. Set up a schedule for a week and assign the day and time you want to dedicate into journal writing. Try to adhere to the schedule and put a calendar reminder so you don’t forget.
  2. Find a calm and peaceful place for writing: As you set up a proper schedule, also set up a proper place where you can sit to write down. Choose a place which is quiet and away from distraction. A study room, office or any other you find as perfect place to pour out your heart. Sit down in an upright and comfortable position when you are about to start writing.
  3. Open your mind: It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you should write here. Just close your eyes and think about your day and things happened to you. See what thought is floating in your mind right now. Let your mind decide what you should write.
  4. Ask yourself:  How are you feeling today, How was your day, How I’m feeling today, was there anything different today, any person you met, anything you remember strongly. It could be anything that’s coming into your mind, check it and find if your mind wants to write it down. Don’t overthink about writing and try to be honest with your feeling. Remember you are writing for yourself not for anyone else. So always note down honest emotions. This is your personal place so find yourself comfortable to write your feelings.
  5. Set up your writing time: Set up a time for writing your journal. Normally a 5-20 minutes time is appropriate for journal writing but there’s no time set as such. But setting a time limit we put your journal writing in a disciplined way and won’t let you to be carried away.
  6. Read your writing and find if you want to add anything more to it: After you finish your writing go through it and see if your words have landed in the same pattern as they were in your mind. You can rearrange them as you wish and also your writing will be as clear as your thoughts and emotions.


You can write Journal handwritten or in some digital medium like computer or notebooks. There are few dedicated apps like Penzu, which are dedicated app for Journal writing.

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