Life Lessons I Wish, Knew Before. 10 Things People Learn Too Late.

Life lessons for better life. Life is full of surprises and experiences. Everyday lessons taught by life, are either good or bad but somehow teaches you anything new, some we remember and some we forget. Every bad step or fault gives you a lesson as well as an opportunity to be better if such circumstances arises again.
So for everyone there would have been some time when we regretted that wish I should have learnt this life lesson very before. That’s why there is a valuable saying which goes like this – “A Wise Man Learns from the Mistake of Other’s”. So here are 10 Lessons that people learn too late in life and always regret so. If anyone understands these rules in his 20’s, then he would be leading a better life. Here it goes.

Sometimes peer pressure or relation with a person or some other factors led us to say yes to things that we don’t agree. Sometimes things feel to be pleasurable but that for a short moment and may lead you to unendurable pain or in uncomfortable position for a long time.

  • Try to adapt habit of reading.

It not only increase your knowledge but also makes you more confident and sharpen your mind. Though it will take a while to get into habit but you’ll love this habit and do it daily.

habit of reading
  • Accept Yourself.

Life has never been impartial, not even with the good people. Most of the time we heed or crave for the things from other’s body or life, wishing if god would have given us the same. Ignoring what god has already blessed us with. Let’s not curse for our imperfection and thank god for blessing that he had provided us without asked for. We must learn to accept our self the way we are. Some things cannot be changed, we have to accept them and start living with them. But if there anything that can be changed, go ahead and reform it before it becomes your destiny.


  • Exercise.

Yes I know you must have heard it tons of time. Every day or the other you must have read, heard, seen, and talked about it counting down the benefits of exercising. Running, swimming, jogging, weight lifting, cardio, yoga etc. are different form of exercise providing numerous benefits. Do whatever form of exercise you wish to do but exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercising from early age gives you great shape even at the age of 30s & 40s, which ultimately boost your confidence.


Exercise everyday
  • Try to capture best moments or happy occasions as much as possible through photos.

Whenever you would see your old photos celebrating good moments you would always wish you should have clicked some more snaps. So always save the moment through pictures to cherish all through your rest life. Also it’s always great to show your Younger how much gala times you had back then.

  • Try to marry someone who loves you rather than a person you love.

I guarantee you’ll have a better life. Someone who adores and appreciate you time to time giving you support, backing you up especially at your worse times. That’s a small piece of advice from me. After all “Love is Blind.”

marry someone you love
  • Never boast about your wealth.

If god have graced you with it. Relations get sour when money gets in between. One more advice never do so to woe someone into a relationship. That relation won’t work for long as it would be based on you bank balance and may incline or decline with the bank’s graph and nobody wants to be it like that.

  • Find you passion as soon as you can.

Nurture it keep on doing it. It would be great if it could be turned into you profession. It is one of the best life lessons learned for me. Mind it, you’ll be doing great all through your life and never look for excuses to skip your work which will ultimately lead to you success and expertise your work field.

Find your passion
  • Start making your food healthy as soon as possible.

There’s a time when you eat according to your taste, this is the time of childhood or teen age or early 20’s. At that time your body is strong enough to reverse down or slow down the side effects or bad effects of unhealthy. But this can’t be continued by your body as age goes up. Understand it as soon as possible or dare to live with the consequences of this process. Some results are so bad that it doesn’t gives you to mend your ways or leaves you lame in your life. The earlier you start doing it the longer and healthier you’ll live.

make your food healthy
  • Always try to catch up with new people.

Meeting new people, talking to them, sharing thoughts, learning their point of view about a thing gives you a lot of experience and knowledge. Or we can say you’ll start seeing things from other side of the court also, which will lead to a mature thought process. Try to interact with people younger than you or older than you. Reason for this is that older people give you their true experiences and you people will give you new ideas and technology according to the present time. There’s a famous saying- “Old people have wisdom but not energy; young people have energy but not wisdom; energy and wisdom must be in the same body to create a much better civilization”. On the other hand such interactions will boost your confidence. But remember always start your conversation with a confident smile on your face.  

catch up with new people


Things will go in much better and planned way. If we keep ourselves up and keep up with the pace of surrounding.


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