Life Can Improve If I Add 5 Habits in My Life

Self-improvement is the key to success. Learning each day with the help of your good and bad experiences over the day. Slow but continuous pace can lead you to be a better being.


Here are few habits that can be cultivated slowly but if they persist, then they can lead your lead to a better path of self-improvement.


People boast about being multitasking and it’s always stressed by everyone to be like that. I have a big doubt on it. Even Biologists and psychiatrist have made very clear that human brain works single minded. Your brain isn’t designed for it. You know what happens when I try to multitask? My work starts of smoothly but don’t finish in same way. All I means that thing becomes bit uneasy. But when I do any single task, I complete it in more orderly and competent way.


Our mind is a wanderer, acting like a child that goes out for every new thing it sees. Whenever we try to focus our mind into one act, it keeps on getting distracted by surroundings. All we have to do is try to know when it’s getting out and try to focus it again. This is not an easy task I understand. Our mind always looks for any amusing thing but tries to avoid anything complex or hectic, whenever we try to indulge it in any difficult work, it tries to avoid it by distracting itself to any amusing one. In such way we sometime miss an opportunity to learn or understand something.
A thing that would have helped you in self improvement and to evolve as a better person, physically or mentally. Initially it will be difficult to focus your distracting mind to work on one process until it is finished. I would be challenging for most of us as it would be like pushing your limits. Try to make your mind understand the benefits you’ll get after doing it. Focusing you mind on productive things like studying any helping topic, solving a puzzle or challenging question etc. At last when it will get into you habit and it’ll be done without putting any effort in it. You’ll be amazed to experience the vast benefit system that will allow you to become a better learner. And if you’re ready to get into it, let me tell you that you can try it on everything you do in a day. 


  • Keep a Habit of Reading.

Reading is always good for self-improvement and adds a virtue to person. Majority of people don’t read, some people read for amusement or as a hobby, but there’s a very small class that reads to increase their skills, broaden their view point or extend their understandings. Reading will always improve you more or less depending upon how much you absorb from it. I’m not talking about absorbing it in your mind but implementing it in your daily life. 
Sometimes we read and like the thing and we lock it in our mind, but it should be flow into your daily life and reflect in your character. What if I’m trying to increase my communication skills and in that I start reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and get all of its understanding. Here I have collected all the theories and now it’s time for practical. We all know it well that no theory is complete without practical. Always try to get inside the book, bookmark important lines and labels, make notes if necessary. Even try to create own point of view other than of author’s. If you like a book go through it time to time keep things up. Every time you go though it you’ll acknowledge something new and it will add a different doorway to self-improvement.
  • Keep a Habit of Exercise.

A healthy soul and mind rest in a healthy body. Self-improvement is not complete without body improvement. Understand the importance of health is such way that if you’re having all the things you ever wished in your life, yes all of them big and small each of them but don’t have a good health and finding yourself with no strength to enjoy them. Nightmare! But my dear friends, there a many people out there who are having same condition. There’s all wealth, luxury, relation everything are around them but they are not healthy enough to enjoy them. That’s why we say “Health is Wealth”.
Pick any of your favorite physical activity whether be it running, gym, yoga, cardio, or even walking. Whichever suits you but do it at least for 30 min and for minimum 3 day in a week, although it’s recommended to exercise daily. Enjoy the moment of exercise rather than treating it as a duty to perform. Also exercising gives you an opportunity to make friends that makes it more fun. Exercise, sweat down and then relax. Afterwards you’ll enjoy the feeling of fulfillment and achievement for the rest day.
  • Evaluate Yourself.

Accepting yourself along with your flaws is the best gift you can give to yourself is the foremost step for self-improvement. It increases your confidence boost your moral. Above line is true but only with one recommendation. Accepting yourself along with your flaws, gradually eradicating them out of your life and evolving as a better being. Yes, this is the concept of self-evaluation which I wish to share with all my friends. There’s rarely a thing like perfect quite impossible. Don’t try to be perfect, but try to be the best. The only way to it is evaluating our self, without telling others. We’re not talking about remember our past mistakes and torturing or re torturing our self again and again.
It’s about analyzing our past and looking into present and future that I don’t do anything wrong that I have done earlier. Observe you habits, behavior and daily doings, Keep a watch how every deed is effecting your life. Classify you acts in good, bad or normal. Promise yourself with honest to remove the bad ones from your behavior. I surely understand that it’s not as easy as it’s writing about it, but I promise you about innumerable benefits, you’ll get from this habit in your life. Whenever you find it difficult to implement or unable to pursue it, try to think and account the benefits that prizes as an effects on your career life and relationship and skills. This will help you boost and keep the pace up.
  • The Feel Good Factor.

Nobody wants to feel bad and always tries to keep out things or people that makes you feel bad. But few of us understand that feeling good or bad is from inside of you and merely a minute amount of external factors add to it. Let me tell you a secret, “You can feel good anytime or anywhere you wish”. The only doubt is, when you want to start it happen.
Start it with the practice of gratitude daily before bed and after bed. It doesn’t matter how well or bad your day went today but there must be at least 1 thing for sure that really made you feel good. Thank God for that moment. I say there are numerous blessings each day that we ignore because we had it without asking for them. Getting up in the morning is itself a blessing as not all of you could make it up to this day. I just started the list, you finish it. There are lots of things to be thanked to God, friends, colleagues, fellows and even strangers.
Enjoy your worldly things at their best, but don’t addict to them and consider them as your mere source of Happiness. “I thank god for all the blessing that he gave me and people are still praying for it”.
Here I suggest to at least to try out my suggestions and practice these habits daily in your life.
These were few things about self-improvement that I wished to share with you. I’m trying hard to apply these valuable rules into my life. Hope you to find them useful.

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