Things I Learned from Lock down due to Corona Virus.

What is Lock down?

Lock down is a situation where you’re bound to stay at you home. You’re not allowed to go outside until it’s very urgent or inevitable.  This is generally done by state’s or country’s government for citizen’s safety. There can be many reason for Lock down such as war, epidemic, natural disasters, riots etc.
Lately in 2019-2020 the whole world is hit by a new virus that’s deadly and infectious. Presently our whole world is facing threat of Corona Virus Infection (COVID-19) and things are really going through a very serious situation. Anyone can be infected by breathing in the virus if he is nearby any COVID-19 infected person or by coming in contact of contaminated surface.

COVID 19, Corona Virus under microscope
Social distancing is the only way to resist the spreading of this virus infection. So most of Countries have followed Lock down for safety of their citizen and slow the spread rate of Corona virus in their states. This Lock down has been very helpful as Corona’s havoc could be halted to a large extent in many countries.

Advantages of Lock down.

It’s more than a month India is under Lock down and it’s expected that this situation may extend for more time. Everyone is stressed and praying for end of this epidemic. Though it’s a tough testing time of everyone’s patience but still we should try to be optimistic in this situation. We should try to find some positive energy even in negative situations.
Here I tried to guess out some advantages that Lock down brought to us. Though I really pray to end this corona crisis and want our normal life to come back.
1.  It’s our biggest weapon to fight against Corona Virus till we aren’t able to find its proper medication. As till date no particular drug or medicine have been devised for this epidemic but experiments are in process for synthesizing it.
2.  After Lock down most of the factories and industries has been shut down and there aren’t much motor vehicles on the roads. Due to which air pollution has decreased to much extend. It has been assumed that about there’s about 70-80% decrease of air pollutant in the atmosphere.
3.  In Lock down while you’re staying at home. You’re not only saving your life but also life of your family and many others as more contact would have caused spread of infection at very high rate.
4.  To stay away from Corona virus infection, we have been advised to wash our hand and disinfect everything that we bring from outside. Also regular cleaning and cleansing of houses and neighborhood is insisted. Practicing such will gradually bring a habit of being more clean and hygienic than previous times. Ultimately helping us to growing healthy.
5.  During normal days, there was so much of stress and pressure of our jobs and public live and status that most of us used to ignore our personal live. Few people had almost no personal time for their family and loved ones. Here Lock down has given a sometime to sit with our family and spend time bonding more closely and strongly.
6.  One good thing that happened at this time is we are eating food that are cooked at our home only. This has limited the use of Junk food and other non-healthy food that can deteriorate your health.
7.  This Corona Virus epidemic and Lock down has taught us a new lesson and grew us stronger to sustain in such challenging environment. There’s also a lot change in mindset of people after going through this phase.
8.  This Lock down has given us lot of free time. Most of us invested in learning some new skills, catch up with old friends though phone and internet, again starting up with long forgotten hobby or cultivated a new one. Learning new things or hobbies can help you to cope up with mental stress, loneliness and emptiness at such times.
9.  Lock down has initiated a lot of small scale industries or home industries as an employment option. People are seriously looking forward about these things.
10. Lock down has increased the use of digital platform at larger extend. Whether it be on monetary basis or on communication basis. Most of buying and selling are nowadays done through digital services.

Disadvantages of Lock down.

1.  The biggest threat that is set by Lock down is economic shutdown or slowdown. This shutdown has cost millions in loss to big sectors of Industries. Some of the big industries have gone in so much losses that they had to close down permanently.
2.  Due to above mentioned loss, many industries are bound for mass layoff which is resulting in increase of unemployment which is again a major problem for India.
3.  This Lock down has severely hit daily wages class labors and artisans. They are bound to move back to their native villages and home towns from the cities and industrial areas where they were working.
4.  Because of Lock down there are very less public transport facilities available. Some people are stuck at places and struggling for food and other necessities. Though government is trying very hard to help every one of them but still gap remains.
5.  Due to shutting down of industries, increasing unemployment and no production is resulting in rapid downfall of GDP of our country. It’s very alarming and will straight away hit our economy.
6.  At this point of time all the governments of countries are trying to keep safe their citizens and trying to provide all the essential services at their door steps or nearby them like medical services. Some essential services are being provided free of cost, which is resulting in more expenditure of government funds.
7.  This has been also observed that some people are acting as hoarders, accumulating food items and other thing that are in high demands these days and selling them at more high prices.
8.  Due to Lock down all the sports and sports event has been terminated. Even the Olympic Games has been postponed.
9.  In India, most stray animals that used to move around in streets and cross roads are starving as no one is out there to feed them just as they were feed previously.
10. The children and teenagers are under very stressful conditions because their physical activity as be minimal. They are not able to cope up with this conditions as adults are doing.
Whenever there is a problem of Lock down, it will be due to some compulsion. Support by taking it in a positive way and ignoring the negativity. Then that would be the best thing we can do to help our nation to fight against anything. By taking note of some of the common things above, we can turn the Lock down into a fun, safe, informative, way to success. May god bless this world and finish this epidemic from root.

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